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Pitbull mix, ~1 year, 35lbs, female

EXTREMELY friendly. I cannot say this enough. NO aggression whatsoever (I know it can be a worry with a pitbull). Extremely obedient and submissive, although she has no formal training. We rescued her from a woman who had 6 dogs, and kept them all outside. She had a minor ear infection, and her ears had been bitten by flies until she began to lose hair on them. Since she was kept outside all the time, we've had minor issues with housetraining, but she seems to be extremely intelligent and is learning quickly. She has fully recovered.

She is good with other dogs, cats, and children. She loves nothing more than to spend time with her owner. She has had all of her first shots and we believe she is spayed. The vet couldn't tell for SURE, but there is a scar on her stomach. We've spent a LOT of money on this pup, and she is in very good health.

With the dog, you will also be sent home with 5 months worth of heartworm medication, 2 months worth of flea medication, a crate, 35lbs of food, a collar and leash. When she was adopted we spent $450 on the vet and supplies, so you'll be getting a very good deal. You WILL need to buy a stronger crate, as she has learned to escape the plastic one we bought.

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for questions or additional information or photos, email me at: brownea@purdue.edu

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